How To Get Paid for Your Homemaking Skills!

When people think of a job or a career, the image of a well-dressed individual cooped up in a cubicle from 9-5 comes to mind. However, with the ever-increasing accessibility that the internet and social networking offer, job versatility has been on the rise.

 Men and women around the world have recently found themselves with a new capability to turn their household skills and hobbies into careers.

 How do they accomplish this? Keep reading to find out!

 If you are looking to learn about how to get paid for your homemaking skills by monetizing your day-to-day tasks, you are in the right place! In this article we will discuss:

        Why you need to start monetizing your skills

       Examples of skills that you could use to launch your business

       Top tips for getting started

 Let’s get into it!

 Why You Need to Start Monetizing Your Skills

 Whether you live in a single, double, or even triple income home- increasing and strengthening financial independence is a comforting feeling.

 With the ever-changing ways of the world and economy, it is important to try to have as many streams of income as possible.

 Many people feel as though they don’t have the skill or trade to start their own business- however, that is rarely the case. To have a successful business, you don’t need to create a new invention or do something that no one else has done before. There is only one thing a successful business owner needs to do: Be the solution to a problem.

 Let’s talk about some skills that you already practice in your day-to-day life, that just might be the answer to another person’s problem!

 Daily Tasks That Can Get You Hired!


 If you are skilled at deep cleaning and have a knack for keeping your home fresh and organized… you are on to something!

 Housekeeping is an ever-growing industry thanks to its flexible hours, convenience, and specialization.


 How many times have you heard the term “freelancing” without taking the time to stop and learn what it actually means?! Now is the time to learn!

 Freelancing is simply an exchange of a service for money- with no middle man involved to take any percentage of profits. This keeps costs for clients to a wholesale minimum.

 What kind of services can be freelanced? Nearly any! Here are some examples of some freelancing services that can be completed from the comfort of your own home:

       Writing (blogs, articles, website content, social media captions)

       Graphic arts

       Coaching (life coaching, athletic coaching)


 Think of it this way: if there is someone who wants something that you have or have the skill to create, you have a business!


 If you are a naturally organized person, you may find it hard to believe that there are people that are willing to pay good money to have someone organize their home. But it’s true! Professional organizers not only are part of a growing industry but are always in high demand!


 If you are a stay-at-home parent who spends their days nurturing children and teaching them songs and letters, jumping into the home business of childcare might be the way to go.

 Before diving in, check the local licensing requirements for childcare facilities in your area. Some areas require training and certification before you can legally open your home to other children (and get paid for it!).

 Childcare is not for the weary… it is a lot of work- but if you are especially skilled with children, it could be an enjoyable a respectable profession for you to pursue!

 Tips for Getting Started

 Now that you’ve got some ideas of which homemaking skills can monetize, it is time to turn it into a business!

 Here are some tips that ALL new small business owners should be aware of:

        Avoid any businesses that you have to pay to be a part of (including the purchasing of materials from the company you anticipate to work for). These companies make working as part of their “team” sound very appealing, but it is incredibly difficult to climb the success ladder in these companies!

        You need to make a plan. Physically write down the steps you will need to take to grow your business at the pace and intensity you would like to. Include every possible detail of what needs to be completed, to ensure no steps are missed.

        Designate a time each day/week to develop your business. Even if it’s something you enjoy, your business cannot be treated like a hobby if it is something you want to be successful in. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it in the same way you would stick to your work schedule outside of the home. 

        Seek a supportive circle. When launching your business, you will encounter people who do not want to see you succeed. As soon as those people show themselves, leave them behind. Their negativity will only make success more difficult for you.

        Talk to other parents who have done it. You are not alone! There are multiple forums online where other parents share the ups and downs of their business journeys. Talking to those who understand your situation can be very empowering!

        Don’t give up! The success of your business will ebb and flow- but the key is to just keep going. In doing so, you will not only continue to grow your business, but you will develop powerful resilience that simply cannot fail!

 Launching a business can be scary- but taking the first step is the hardest part! Realizing that you DO have valuable home-making skills and that can be monetized is life-changing.

 If you are feeling discouraged about taking the jump- know that you are not alone! The worst-case scenario is that your business doesn’t take off as quickly as you expected. That’s not so bad!

 Best of luck in your skill-monetization journey!


By Julianna


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