18 Summer Activities for Families


Summer is fast approaching, and there’s only so much time to enjoy it. No matter where you live, or what your schedule looks like, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Check out this list of fun activities you and your child can try to have the best summer ever!

1.     Start a summer sport.

Summer sports aren’t just for the kids! Whether you’re signing your kid up for little league or you have a few tennis rackets lying around, sports are a great way to spend time together. If your kiddo is in an organized sport, attend as many games as possible. You can cheer them on and help get them excited to go up against rival teams. If they’re not into organized sports, you can grab a volleyball or other sports supplies and play together as a family.

2.     Go for a walk.

Some people have busy schedules, even during the summer. But, no matter what your schedule looks like, you can go for a walk at least a couple of times a week. While you’re walking, you can talk about the things that you see. You and your kids can look for neighborhood pets as you walk around the block or play I Spy. Don’t be afraid to take your kids out for night walks to look at the stars if your schedules keep you busy during the day.

3.     Start a garden.

Keeping a garden is a very healthy practice, whether you’re growing different kinds of food or you prefer beautiful flowers. Get your child a pair of little gloves, a tiny watering can, and sunscreen. Together, you can decide what you want to grow. As a bonus, you can help your child measure the plants as they grow and predict how long it will take for the flowers to bloom or the food to grow. You might even get your kiddo to eat more veggies if they’re helping to produce them.

4.     Create a vacation spot.

Whether you have a patio or a sprawling backyard, you and your kiddo can decorate a unique spot to enjoy the summer weather. Tie up a hammock or add some chairs and cushions for a special place to sit. Decorate the area with LED lights and some fancy sidewalk chalk drawings. Add a little table for drinks and snacks to enjoy, and read a book together when the weather is perfect.

5.     Volunteer locally.

There are so many places where you and your children can volunteer. Volunteering helps the community, helps your children feel empathy, and can even teach you something new! Choose a place that you find interesting, or try them all once and stick with your favorite one. A few ideas to try out include:

  • Reading to the elderly.
  • Petting the animals at the animal shelter.
  • Helping out at a food shelf or soup kitchen.
  • Cleaning up litter.

Call different establishments or organizations that you enjoy to see if there’s something you and your little ones can do.

6.     Go camping.

Whether you enjoy hiking, swimming, smores, or just sitting around a campfire, camping is a great way to get away from technology and relax together. If you’re not a tent person or don’t have one, car camping is becoming a big trend worldwide. Make sure you’ve got something to sleep on, food, first aid and hygiene supplies, and extra clothes for when you’re gone.

7.     Create a bucket list.

If your child is old enough, you can have them research nearby places they want to check out. Then, you can create a bucket list of things to see, from parks and museums to hiking trails and libraries. Ask everybody you bump into for ideas, and you’re sure to find something new to enjoy with your child.

8.     Take a road trip.

A trip to a neighboring state usually takes a day or two. Listening to new music or introducing your child to old favorites can be inspiring. If you would rather pass on hotels, consider staying in your car at truck stops, campsites, or Walmart parking lots. You can play road games with your little one and stop for picnics along the way to save money.

9.     Visit the local departments.

Call ahead during business hours, and you can usually tour the local fire department, police department, and city offices. If you’d like to bring them a special treat, you and your kiddo can bake something delicious to give them when you arrive. Otherwise, they appreciate drawings from little ones to hang on the wall. Please help your child think of a list of questions they’ll want to ask if you think they’ll feel shy when you arrive.

10.  Get a summer job together.

For example, you can offer to water people’s gardens while they are away, walk dogs, or pet sit. The job will teach your child some responsibility and allow you to experience something new. For instance, maybe you cannot have a pet in your apartment or don’t have time for one. Taking care of someone else’s pet allows you to spend quality time with a new friend. Then, when you get paid for your efforts, you can take your child out to a movie or grab a treat from a local shop.

11.  Explore a nature trail.

When the summer temperatures are a little cooler, such as in the early morning, it’s the best time to hike or take your bike out on a trail. Make sure you pack sunscreen, water, and snacks. You’ll be more likely to see different animals moving near the trail if you regularly go when the weather is cooler. Whether you see animals or not, you and your kid can have fun exercising while you explore different trails.

12.  Visit the beach.

There’s nothing more fun for kids than playing in the water. Bring your favorite floaties, sunglasses, and beach towels to have a great day at the lake. If the sun is too hot, you can enjoy the water together. If the clouds make the beach chilly, you and your child can look for seashells or frogs, feed the fish, and search for berries. If you can’t visit the beach, head to a pool instead; make some waves and pretend you’re somewhere else.

13.  Make summer food.

Why not let your kids help make summer foods? Shish kabobs are easy for kids to make, whether you use meats and veggies or different fruits. Your kids will be so excited to try homemade popsicles, especially if you let them pick their favorite ingredients. If you enjoy having a cool drink such as a daiquiri or a pina colada, consider making versions without alcohol and enjoy drinking special summer drinks with your child.

14.  Create physical memories.

If you aren’t excited about the time it takes to make a scrapbook, don’t worry about it! You can take pictures with your child or let them take pictures and print them off. Then, hang them up on the wall, the fridge, or put them in a book to look at later. If you or your child enjoy writing, you can start a summer diary together. You can write down the different things you did each day that you never want to forget, like finding a baby turtle or taking a road trip.

15.  Attend an event.

Kids usually enjoy the things their parents like if they have the opportunity. So, check out local events in your area and bring your kid along. Things like county fairs, rodeos, races, and festivals can be fun for you and your kid. Grab a treat while exploring the different events, and let your kid choose specific things they want to try or see. You might get to try new foods, pet new animals, and discover something you both like.

16.  Visit the library.

If you and your child enjoy reading, make the library the main attraction of your day. If you live near multiple libraries, you can even visit different ones. Check out their websites for current events, such as virtual reality experiences, escape rooms, etc. Some libraries even let you check out games or toys that you can enjoy later at home.

17.  Host a party.

If the weather is nice, you can invite your kiddo’s friends (and your friends too) to come and enjoy running through the sprinkler. Pass out popsicles, fill up some water balloons, and laugh with everybody else. If the weather isn’t in your favor, you can invite everyone in to watch a movie together. Lay down some blankets on the floor, pass a bowl of popcorn, and enjoy the show with friends.

18. Do a science experiment.

The internet has many wonderful recipes for things to make with your kids. You can do something simple, like pick flowers and put them in water with food dye to watch their color change. There are also recipes to make bouncy balls, slime, play dough, or a vinegar and baking soda volcano.


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