BEST Entertaining Games for Your Children!

Being a parent you have many responsibilities towards your kids, one of which is to look out for their entertainment. With the rise in popularity of video games in recent times, most kids nowadays enjoy spending their time playing PC or console video games. And with so many games out there, it is difficult to be well-informed on every game and know if the game your kid is playing is safe for him or not. To help you with this, we have put together a list of different popular games along with their pros and cons to help you make an informed decision regarding what game your child should play.

Looking to buy a game for your children? Read the article to know which games are popular and what their gameplay looks like. This article covers Story Mode games, as well as online multiplayer games. We will discuss:

  • Basics of the game
  • Story Line
  • Type of Action (Shooting, Driving, Building etc)
  • Any non-kid-friendly content present in the game (eg: foul language)

Let’s dive in!

1)  Fortnite

You have definitely heard of this game! It has been one of the most popular games among kids since 2020 and is well enjoyed by them. In the basics, Fortnite is a free-to-play shooter game and platform game combined in one and is available to Play on PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch and even mobile. A Platform game is a type of video game where the player controls a character by jumping or climbing between solid platforms at different positions on the screen.

Fortnite is a Battle Royale game where a hundred people are dropped into a secluded island through a “Battle Bus” that flies over the sky. The players are free to drop wherever they want and then parachute down to the island. Then players may find and collect weapons and gear to better arm themselves against other players and the goal is to be the last player alive. Players are constantly pushed toward each other by a shrinking boundary called the “Storm”. Fortnite’s unique aspect of allowing players to build walls and platforms to defend themselves sets it apart from other games and the fact that it is completely kid-friendly with no foul language makes it a highly suitable game for children.

2)  Rocket League

Rocket League is an online multiplayer game which can be played with random online players or with your friends and is another popular game which is famous for its unique mechanics. Rocket League is based on football (or soccer) but with a twist. Instead of actual human beings, people play with their cars meaning they push the ball around by hitting it with their car. This game is available on PC, Xbox and PS4. And the company has also released a mobile version but that is quite different from the actual game so let’s not count it.

In a game of Rocket League, you are placed in an arena similar to that of football. The game consists of two teams who play against each other to score the most amount of goals. The team with the most goals at the end of the 5-minute timer wins the game. In the beginning, both teams start near their goals at an equal distance from the ball and have to rush to the ball. Rocket League is extremely fun to play, is kid-friendly and has a learning curve to it which your children are sure to enjoy.

3)  Valorant

Next up on the list of multiplayer games is Valorant. Valorant is a First Person Shooting (FPS) game which can also be played with random people or friends online. Valorant is unlike any other FPS game due to the addition of character abilities. The game is not available on Xbox or PS4 consoles and can only be played on PC. It is a lightweight game meaning it doesn’t require high end specs and can run on laptops as well.

Primarily Valorant is a 5v5 game meaning two teams of 5 members are put against each other on a random map and have to fight each other in order to win rounds. To win the game, a team has to win 13 rounds and a game normally lasts forty-five minutes to an hour. Valorant has the addition of agent abilities meaning different agents (characters) have different abilities which aid them in winning a game. These abilities are unique to each agent and can vary from flashes, to healing, and even reviving a dead teammate. These abilities make Valorant different from other first person shooters and makes it extremely fun to play. It should be noted that the use of foul language, although rare, is found in the game.

4)  Minecraft

Minecraft is a 3D Sandbox game which was released in 2011 and still continues to be one of the most popular children games ever. It is a “Sandbox” game meaning players are given a wide variety of options for building and showing off their creativity. Minecraft can be played solo or with friends to complete the story of the game. It is available on PC. Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch and even Mobile.

The game starts with the player starting on a random place and from there the player has to collect materials and weapons and build themself a place to camp. The environment of the game is made of square blocks and the player can find different type of blocks (eg wood, stone, gold, diamond etc) to help them build structures inside the game. The optional storyline in the game can also be followed which involves finding and gathering materials which lead the player to the end where they can defeat the Ender Dragon. This rewards the player highly with xp and material. Minecraft is a kid-friendly and extremely fun game which can be recommended for children of all ages.

5)  Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon is an open world racing and driving game with extremely good looking graphics and real cars inside the game. Forza Horizon games is an amazing choice for all the car kids out there because the realism and attention to details in this game lets the players nerd out over the cars they love and allows a deep level of customization. It is available to play on PC, Xbox and PS4.

Forza Horizon 4 takes place in a fictionalised version of Britian and features over 750 cars and dynamic seasons which change every Thursday at 2:30PM GMT. It is an open world game meaning it allows the player to freely drive around in their car. The graphics in Forza Horizon 4 focus on realism and the level of detail in this game looks stunning to the eyes. Players can play offline or race against other people with the game supporting lobbies of up to 72 players.

6)  Grand Theft Auto V

GTA V was released in 2013 and became an instant hit because of how fun to play it is. It is an open world game which can be played both offline story mode or online with friends and is available to play on Xbox, Playstation and PC. GTA 5 is an extremely detailed game with amazing graphics which means it requires good specs to play.

Grand Theft Auto V storyline involves 3 playable characters with each having a life of his own. They often interact with each other and their story grows together as they help each other out during missions. The character switching feature in the game is extremely fun and interactive and allows you to play the life of either of the three characters at any time. The game is rated 18+ because it shows the use of drugs, foul language, nudity and violance.

7)  God of War

God of War is an adventure game with extremely beautiful graphics and fun to play gameplay mechanics. It is an offline story mode game which cannot be played with friends. The latest God of War was released on PS4 and later ported to PC but there are 3 more games which were released before this on the Playstation 2 and 3.

This version of God of War follows the story of our Protagonist who is the God of War himself, Kratos, and his son Atreus through their adventures in the era of Norse Mythology. The story begins by introducing us to the son of Kratos who was a new addition to the series and the game shows us a father-son bond that they share. We also see that they have their issues with each other which they work on as they go on this adventure involving gods and dragons. They encounter strangers on the way who give them side quests or become allies to their journey. God of War is a kid friendly game and winner of numerous awards making it a must try.

8)  Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is the latest title in the Uncharted Series and was released in 2016. It is also an adventure game in an offline story mode. The Uncharted series is exclusive to Playstaion and the game can only be played on PS4.

Uncharted is the story of our protagonist, Nathan Drake, as we follow his adventures and we see in Uncharted 4 that he has retired from his previous life of treasure hunting and now lives a normal life with his wife. It is also hinted that he misses going on adventures. This all changes when Nathan is approached by his long lost brother, Sam Drake, who Nathan considered to have been shot dead, and promises him the adventure he has been wanting. The journey of hunting for treasure takes Nathan through uncharted jungle isles, snow-capped peaks, and ancient ruins as he faces some of his most challenging adversaries so far. The game includes shooting and occasional use of foul language.

9)  Mortal Kombat 11

Mortal Kombat 11, a fighting which was released it 2019 and is a successor to Mortal Kombat X, is famous for its extremely graphic gameplay. Mortal Kombat games contain high level of brutality and this is one of the selling points of the game. It is a hand to hand combat game where two players fight each other to the death. It has a story mode as well as an online mode where players can fight against each other and challenge their skill.

The story of the game starts when “Kotal Kahn” is punishing “The Collector” when a time quake happens and legends from the past appear in the arena of Kotal Kahn, including Shao Kahn, Johnny Cage and Cassandra Cage, and Jax. It is revealed that this is done by Kronika who is the Keeper of time and intends to reset history. The story of the game moves forward through cutscenes and the player is given the control of the character whenever a fight occurs. The story is incredibly fun to follow but it should be kept in mind that the game shows the human anatomy to a high detail which can be disturbing for some people.

10) Marvel’s Spiderman PS4

Last up on our list is Marvel’s Spiderman which is an action-adventure game released in 2018. This game was nominated for several awards for its amazing storyline and fun to play mechanics. It is based on the Marvel’s fictional character Spiderman and everything about this game is just excellent. From the beautifully crafted open world to the immersive combat, this game has it all.

This extends to the game’s story as well which consists of surprises, plot twists and nods to the web slinger’s legacy.Players are guaranteed to spend hours as they witness their friendly neighbourhood spidey swings through the streets again to fight and stop crime. The story of this game follows Peter Parker as he discovers that new evils and mob bosses are trying to take over his city again, including Kingpin. Marvel’s Spiderman is well suited for children as they are sure to have a good time playing through the story of this game.


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