Flexispot Review- Best Ergonomic Office Chair

A while back I did a review of the Flexispot Standing Desk. You may remember its beautiful bamboo desktop and amazing adjustable height feature that allows the desk to go from sitting to standing height with the touch of a button. I absolutely love my home office desk so naturally, I jumped at the chance to review Flexispot’s best ergonomic office chair. Flexispot did provide me with a Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14) in order to facilitate my review and I have included an affiliate link to the Flexispot website.

What Is An Ergonomic Chair?

Well, according the Merriam Webster Dictionary, ergonomics is “an applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safely.” An ergonomic chair is one that is designed for comfort, health, and ease of use. While an ergonomic chair is not that important for a chair that you will only spend 10 minutes in, it makes a great difference to an office chair which you will likely spend many hours a day sitting in. A good ergonomic chair can help you avoid things like lower back pain and neck pain. The best ergonomic office chair is one that is loaded with features to support the user as well as providing a touch of luxury for comfort as well.

Flexispot Chair Review

FlexiSpot has built a loyal customer base worldwide. They provide both individuals and large corporations with the best in ergonomic office furniture. They use cutting edge technology to try to improving people’s lives with products that make their jobs easier and provide a healthier lifestyle choice so they can function as their best. It is an important part of their mission to produce sustainable furniture. They are based in Livermore, CA and have a warehouse right here in Tennessee.

Flexispot offers several ergonomic chairs to suit your needs such as a gaming chair, a desk chair, and office chairs. Because I have a home office where I spend countless hours at the desk typing away at my computer, I wanted the very best ergonomic office chair they offer- the Ergonomic Chair Pro (OC14).

best ergonomic office chair

Flexispot Ergonomic Chair Pro Features (OC14)

So naturally, you are probably wondering what features make this the best office chair. Well, I am so glad you asked;)

This office chair has a refined sense of style combined with ergonomic design and the ultimate in luxe detailing.

Headrest Adjustable up and down
Mesh Cloth High elasticity filament
Gas Lift 22.05?
Tilt 30°
Armrest 3D lifting
Backrest PU soft plastic material
Chassis Italy DONATI chassis
Chair Height 46.46-49.61inch
Armrest Height(Lowest Position) 23.62?
Head Support Adjust Range 1.97‘’
Headrest Adjust Angle 12.5°

You can see from the long list of adjustable features that this chair is made to fit you. This Flexispot ergonomic office chair is made to suit your height and weight.

adjustable office chair

Seat Structure

Support your posture with a seat structure design that conforms to you. The back frame features a combination of PU soft plastic, as well as hard plastic. The PU soft plastic is close to the user’s back and can automatically adjust the back strength for the users according to their body weight. The seat itself also automatically adjust according to the weight and height, providing additional support to larger users.

Plus, the seat structure has a mesh like feel that allows for even air flow. This breathable mesh chair means you don’t get all sweaty while you work. “This ergonomic design makes the seat truly integrated with the human body for optimal sitting while you work.” When you sit at your desk as many hours as I do, that is a big deal. Plus, it is automatic so you don’t have to do anything. I like that.

In addition, the seat tilts back. This seat tilt feature is a nice way to get in a quick stretch while you are still seated. I find this seating helps me stay comfortable in my chair for long periods of time which allows me to me more productive.

Adjustable Headrest

With the adjustable function of the head-rest, it can be customized for your height to provide you with maximum comfort. The arch-shape design makes the cervical vertebrae fit naturally and reduces the pressure from sitting.

Aluminium Alloy Chassis

The chassis (or wheel base and support) is very heavy. This means it provides a solid, firm foundation for your seat. The parts are high quality and function well. They help ensure your seat does not tip over and provide you firmly attached, high quality wheels. The wheels swivel a full 360 degrees. They roll smoothly and quietly across your floors. I have hardwood floors and I appreciate that they don’t scratch my floors.

The chassis has one handle which you can can use for a smooth, easy lift or lower when adjusting the seat. This allows it adjust perfectly to your height. I find that having my fleet flat on the floor helps with my leg comfort and and avoiding leg pain from sitting without proper support. It has a second handle when you can use to slide your seat base in or out away from or closer to the upright portion.

how to adjust office chair

How To Adjust The Office Seat

When seated, on the right side under the seat, push the outer handle up hard. This will lower the seat if you are sitting in it or raise the seat if you remove your weight first. The second handle on the interior can be pushed down so you can slide your seat forward or backward.

Adjustable Armrests

The armrest feature handrail lifting control which means you can raise or lower them easily to suit your liking. In addition, you can tilt them outward or inward. I find this kind of nifty so I can raise my armrest and and angle them in to support my arms while I am typing at the computer. This saves me so from getting so much tension in shoulders!

adjustable armrest

Match Your Office

Plus, the Ergonomic Chair Pro OC14 comes in four different colors so you can match your office decor. There is your standard black ergonomic office chair and then there are three more options that work off a white base- grey, blue, and red. I chose the grey to match my curtains with the white to match my Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk white legs.

Where To Buy Yours

Visit flexispot.com to learn more or order the best office chairs. They offer FREE shipping to the contiguous 48 states in the US for most products. Delivery time within the US is usually 3-6 days.

Flexispot Chair

The Perfect Chair To Compliment Your Office Desk

Finding the perfect chair isn’t always easy. I originally bought a cheap one at office supply store only to find that the faux leather fell off in small strips. Gross! I also had a backless one that was good for my posture but too tiring for long hours of work. I finally found what I was looking for- a high-quality office chair that is worth all the time I spend in it! The Flexispot message is that there is a healthier way to work. I agree! This chair helps refine my posture.

Looking for the best ergonomic office chairs? Flexispot provides comfort, versatility, and ease of use. I think they are the best ergonomic chairs for long hours because they support good posture for every body type. I love having a comfortable seat to help prevent poor posture. It is too easy to get all slumped over otherwise! I enjoy the back support of this computer chair. The ergonomic features just make sitting at my desk so much nicer! Which features appeal to most when searching for a good office chair?

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