The 20 Best Adult Advent Calendars For Self-Gifting In 2022

Advent calendars used to be a simple affair: a cardboard box full of tiny, cheap chocolates or a wooden box with 25 doors and 25 small trinkets. They’ve taken on a life of their own now, and, honestly, it’s kind of exciting. Finding the perfect advent calendar for your kid who likes Barbie, LEGO, or Hot Wheels is fun. But have you ever looked into adult advent calendars for yourself? Seriously, advent calendars are for everyone — and if anyone deserves to treat themselves this season, it’s the one who makes the magic happen for everyone around them (ICYMI, that’s you).

Aldi made waves a while back with a very reasonably priced cheese advent calendar. And Bonne Maman’s jelly and jam advent calendar was all over TikTok last year. Those weren’t for kids; they were for grown-ups, and they were delightful. Between the holiday stress like prepping big winter meals, gathering up presents, and (ugh) paying for said presents with your holiday budget, you deserve a little treat, too. These are the coolest adult advent calendars on the market this year. There! One less thing to research.


Dolly Parton Advent Calendar

What’s not to love about a Dolly Parton advent calendar? Dolly teamed up with Williams Sonoma to share her favorite candies, caramels, mints, and more with fans of the Queen of Country.


Moser Roth 8 Nights of Hanukkah

Moser Roth is a German chocolate company that makes some of the best chocolates on the planet. Aldi fans already know how delectable their treats are, and now you can, too. There’s a special chocolatey delight for each night of Hanukkah.


30 Days of Japan

Described as “perfect for those experiencing Japan FOMO,” the 30 Days of Japan advent calendar is stocked to the brim with Japanese games, trinkets, snacks, and collectibles. It’s worth every yen.


Jerky Advent Calendar — ‘Tis The Season

Whether they hunt, camp, or just like pushing protein on the go, they probably enjoy the bold flavors and transportability offered by jerky. ManCrates created an absolutely perfect jerky advent calendar for all our dehydrated-meat-loving friends (or, you know, yourself).


“Wishing You” Advent Calendar

Want to really “treat yo’ self”? Sephora’s “Wishing You” advent calendar is stocked with everything you need for nearly a full month of pampering yourself.


12 Mornings of Coffee

Sure, you could just go to Starbucks every morning in the weeks leading up to Christmas. But what about staying warm and cozy in your kitchen to enjoy the 12 Mornings of Coffee advent calendar?


24 Cups of Cheer K-Cup Advent Calendar

More of a pod coffee fan? Want even more new coffee flavors to put to the test? Keurig’s “24 Cups of Cheer” K-cup advent calendar is the way to go.


Emporium Selection Advent Cheese Calendar

It’s back! Aldi’s advent cheese calendar is here once more. It’s available starting on Nov. 2 until your local Aldi runs out. If you see them in-store, grab one for me, too!


Bonne Maman’s 2022 Advent Calendar

Last year’s Bonne Maman advent calendar was filled with two dozen tiny glass jars of the world’s best jams, jellies, and preserves. The fig cardamom and cherry Christmas spice were standout flavors, and this year’s strawberry with star anise sounds even better.


Spice Advent Calendar

For the kitchen witch, this Williams Sonoma spice advent calendar is the end-all-be-all. It offers “24 spices — 6 for vegetables and side dishes, 7 for fish, 9 for meat, and 2 for dessert recipes.” And it offers flavors from across the globe.


Holiday Magic Wine Advent Calendar

As previously mentioned, the holidays can take their toll. Mama needs a drink sometimes. This wine advent calendar from Aldi would pair perfectly with that cheese calendar, you know.


Holiday Scratch Off Advent Calendar Playlist

If food isn’t your flavor, fear not. Uncommon Goods always offers unique and thoughtful gifts, and their advent calendar selection is no different. The “Holiday Scratch Off Advent Calendar Playlist” comes with QR codes to scan daily that lead you straight to emerging musicians you may not have heard of otherwise.


Molly J. CBD Advent Calendar

Nerves a little frazzled at the mere idea of your in-laws coming into town? Let this sleek box of 25 handmade CBD gumdrops take the edge off. Each door contains a different handcrafted flavor, all in Molly J.’s signature “Chill Formula.”


Enfusia 25 Days of Fizzy Bath Treats Advent Calendar

If the CBD doesn’t do it for you, let this advent calendar full of fizzy bath bombs melt your holiday stress away. Reviewers rave about the quality and scents in this made-in-the-USA set.


ASOS Face and Body 25 Day Advent Calendar

Looking for even more ideas to pamper yourself? The ASOS face and body 25-day advent calendar is sheer perfection. By Christmas, your skin will look better than ever. That’s saying something because you already look great!


Bay Island Hot Sauce Advent Calendar

As the air gets cooler, there’s a surefire way to turn up the heat in your life: The Bay Island Hot Sauce advent calendar. Each day immerse yourself in bold new flavors. Which one will make your eyebrows sweat?


Beer Advent Calendar

Keep this classic advent calendar of Aldi beer in the fridge for the perfect, refreshing treat every day leading up to Christmas.


Friends: The Official Advent Calendar, Volume 2

Could this be any more fun? If you’re a Friends fan, there’s no better advent calendar than this puppy — enjoy 25 days of nostalgia-inducing surprises that’ll make you want to cue up the misadventures of Ross, Monica, Rachel, Chandler, Joey, and Phoebe (for the billionth time).


OPI “Jewel Be Bold” Advent Calendar

You’ve got a lot of holiday parties to attend and appearances to make — why not hype yourself up for them by painting your nails with OPI’s holiday ‘22 collection? Mini-bottles in festive shades like “Pink, Bling, and Be Merry” will have you ready to socialize.


DavidsTea 24 Days Of Tea Advent Calendar

Are you even doing the holidays right if they don’t include curling up on the couch with a cozy cup of tea while you binge-watch your favorite holiday flicks? DavidsTea has your back with double servings of 24 festive flavors, including Candy Cane Crush, Santa’s Secret, Tinsel Toddy, and Sweet Potato Pie.

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