Teracube Safe Phones For Kids [Review & Giveaway]

As parents, this has been a hard decade or so to manage our children’s electronic exposure. It seems like every single kid has a cell phone and it can be hard to say no in that environment. In addition, our often busy, hectic lifestyles tend to require that our children have their own phones so that we can communicate about important things like pick up times and changes in schedules. Phones have always come with a lot of inherent dangers and responsibilities. That is why Teracube has designed safe phones for kids that offer built-in parental monitoring, safe online search and browsing, and healthy time limits. In this post, I will share my Teracube Thrive Smartphone review as well as giveaway for my readers. I was provided with the Teracube phone in order to facilitate review.

Why The New Teracube Thrive Phone For Kids Is Important

safe phones for kids Teracube
This graphic says a lot about safe phones for kids are so important. Take a good look.

Phones for kids can be scary. In fact, according to Etactics, “Between 2012 and 2015, depression in boys increased by 21% and in girls by 50%…Child suicide rates increased by up to 150%, and self-harm by girls ages 10 to 14 nearly tripled. These patterns point to social media.” But it is hard to monitor and control all of this, especially social networks, as parents.

Finally, you can feel assured that your kids are using a phone that encourages safe and healthy habits as well as helping to protect against strangers and
cyberbullies. Teracube offers all the basics you’d expect from a smart phone and plus parental controls. And it is not just for little kids. It is made so that you can approve the apps available and adjust the screen access time so that it can be good for young children and teenagers. The Teracube Thrive phone is a safe mobile phone for kids ages 8-17.

Teracube Thrive Phone Features

  • 13 MP Main Camera with 8MP rear camera (Selfie Camera)
  • Fast 1.8GHz Octa-core Processor
  • Perfect-sized 6.1? HD+ Display
  • Memory: 4GB RAM, 64GB storage
  • Comes with protective case and tempered glass screen protector (pre-installed)
  • All Kid’s Favorite Apps (Parent Approved)
  • Apps that your kids need and want. (Every app needs parent approval before usage.)
  • Built-in parental monitoring
  • Safe online search and browsing (young kids should not have unlimited internet access to inappropriate content)
  • Protects against strangers and cyberbullies
  • Healthy time limits for social media, gaming, and internet
kids phone parental controls

Basically the Teracube Thrive phone is like an iphone or android phone but it is safer. The Thrive Parent App is available to download in your app store (for androids devices and Apple products). It allows parents to manage their child’s phone remotely. You can set general screen time limits, as well as approve specific apps and set time restrictions for each of those.

As Dr. Elizabeth Schneider, PHD, HSCP Licensed Psychologist says, “Teracube Thrive offers the safety features parents need with the technology kids want, helping to empower a digital environment that supports the wellness of children & families.”

Use The Teracube Wireless Phone Network or Use Your Own Provider

This is a very nice feature. They don’t box you into using only one wireless phone network. The Teracube Thrive phone can be added to your already existing wireless plan or you can chose Teracube. Use their sim card or your own. Honestly, the Teracube Thrive Bundle with Teracube Wireless is pretty hard to turn down. It is so affordable as is the phone itself, by the way!

Teracube Thrive Phone

The Teracube Bundle comes with:

  • Nationwide coverage – powered by T-Mobile
  • Unlimited talk & text plans starting at $14.99 / mo
  • 1st month free  Bonus
  • Forever Premium Warranty (with accidental coverage)  Bonus

Thrive Phone Review

Teracube Review

I just love this safe phone for kids. It seems like a real no-brainer. You get a great quality phone at an affordable price with affordable service and it helps teach your kids good, safe phone habits. I love that it comes already fitted wit a protective case and tempered glass screen protector to protect your investment as well. My son Leo has been testing it out and it works so well and makes him much more aware of the time he spending each day on his phone and on which apps. It is an easy way to keep kids of all ages away from adult content. I would recommend this safe phone for kids to all parents, without any reservations. It is a smart choice! Teracube makes it easy to set ground rules that are enforced by the phone itself.

Find out more or order yours today at MyTeracube.com

Phone Giveaway

phone giveaway

Enter for a chance to win one Teracube Thrive smart phone- a safe phone for kids. ($149.00 value.)

Giveaway Dates: December 21, 2022- January 31, 2023 Midnight CST

How To Enter: Just sign into the Gleam widget and click the entries you want to complete.

Teracube Smart Phone Giveaway

Giveaway Terms:
Open to residents of the USA, 18+. Email entered into the widget will be kept private. Winners announced above in the Gleam widget on February 1, 2023. Winner will be selected randomly. I will notify by email and winner must respond within 4 days or the prize will be forfeited and alternate winner will be chosen.

The best phone for kids is a safe phone and Teracube helps you customize what your kids can have access to so you can have peace of mind. This is invaluable really. I hope to spread the word that there are better phone choices for kids. This is a great option for younger kids and teens. Today’s parents need to know that having safe phones for kids is what is most important. Do you feel confident that your child’s phone is helping them stay safe and develop good user habits? Would you like to be able to control app usage and how much screen time younger children and older kids are getting?

Please share this post socially so that other parents can learn that a safe phone for kids is available! #SafePhone #ForeverPhone

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